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Amalfi, between history and allure

A maritime superpower at its prime, the pretty little, sun-kissed town of Amalfi has a tragic history. Much of the town simply slid right into the sea back in 1343, an earthquake devastating the region utterly. While it does have a very rich history, housing nearly 70,000 people centuries ago, there’s not much left to see in terms of historical landmarks after the tragedy. One thing is for certain though – the coastal town is nothing if not resilient. Petite and Pretty Having evolved into one of the hottest resort towns in the continent, Amalfi has clearly ditched its onetime maritime supremacy in favor of glitz and glory – definitely fortunate for us! The piazzas and the beach have their...

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Capri Magic

Exclusivity, luxurious, dreamy, mythical, ultra-wealthy – these words and their like are what the mind conjures when it comes to Capri. This particular island, situated on southern ends of Italy, is the perfect fusion of commercial glitz and natural simplicity. You get the best of both worlds, but of course, for that, you need to know precisely how to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you’d prefer here. The word ‘disappoint’ will no longer be in your dictionary upon a visit to this paragon of beauty and luxury. The Whitewashed Core is Idyllic, Ancient, and an Artistic Delight That’s how we define the place. Complete with its natural beauty and chic boutiques and bars, the island has a rich history, dating...

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Inspiration Positano

Often described as the truest example of the perfect Mediterranean landscape in all its natural majesty, the Amalfi Coast is leisure incarnate. From the vertiginous coastal towns and hiking trails to stunning beaches that put Florida to shame, the Coast is THE place to be at if it’s a serene, luxurious vacation that one is looking for. The attractions and places to visit here are many, each with its own allure, but if you were to ask us to name one, we’d go with Positano without a second’s hesitation – our source of inspiration for Arienzo classic swim shorts.  Precipitously Picturesque Blessed with nature and the ancient Romans both, Positano is the first town one would encounter on the Amalfi Coast...

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