Capri Magic

Exclusivity, luxurious, dreamy, mythical, ultra-wealthy – these words and their like are what the mind conjures when it comes to Capri. This particular island, situated on southern ends of Italy, is the perfect fusion of commercial glitz and natural simplicity. You get the best of both worlds, but of course, for that, you need to know precisely how to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you’d prefer here. The word ‘disappoint’ will no longer be in your dictionary upon a visit to this paragon of beauty and luxury.

The Whitewashed Core is Idyllic, Ancient, and an Artistic Delight

That’s how we define the place. Complete with its natural beauty and chic boutiques and bars, the island has a rich history, dating back 2,000 years when the ancient Roman emperors took a fancy to the island. Be sure to visit the ruins of their lavishness to truly appreciate what it was about the island that charmed royalty in millennia past.

Capri Faraglioni Italy Vacation

We know you’re a discerning traveler and seek only the very best. Capri excels to that end. From culinary delights at every corner and classy bars that remain open till 2 in the morning, to stunning spurs of rock rising from the watery depths of the Mediterranean and blue grottos that numb the senses, the island has it all.

Popular among the elite and a favorite hangout of celebrities from all over the world, Capri is quite akin to Monaco in that it promises a magical experience for those who can afford it. When you’re in Capri, just let go of the world around you and immerse yourself in the magic – let it carry you through an experience you will never forget.

What does the experience entail exactly, you ask?

Well, to really do justice to that question, several books wouldn’t be enough. We’ll try as best as we can here though. First off, remember that even though the island has been commercialized greatly over the last few years, but once you start exploring, you’ll find that the place retains its unspoilt charm to quite a degree. You just need to know where to look.

Piazzetta Capri Italy Holiday

Upon landing at the marina, probably by ferry, the first thing you should do (assuming you have booked accommodations in advance) is visit the Piazzetta. Granted it’s chock-full of tourists, but it is this place that is the heart of Capri. The traffic itself is quite a spectacle. The ‘world’s little theater’ in Norman Douglas’ words, just grab a seat at one of the bars in the tiny squares, and drink in people go out and about amidst the square.

People watching; check. Onto the natural wonders the island has to offer. Tours are aplenty here to the most famous spots, and we’ve already discussed the Big 2 – the blue grotto and the Faraglioni, the sea giants. One other place that is at the very top of our own list is a visit to Villa San Michele. The owner, Axel Munthe, came here back in 1876 and decided he would make it a ‘place for the soul’. That’s exactly what it is. Words won’t do justice to the spell the place casts on visitors.

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