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Often described as the truest example of the perfect Mediterranean landscape in all its natural majesty, the Amalfi Coast is leisure incarnate. From the vertiginous coastal towns and hiking trails to stunning beaches that put Florida to shame, the Coast is THE place to be at if it’s a serene, luxurious vacation that one is looking for. The attractions and places to visit here are many, each with its own allure, but if you were to ask us to name one, we’d go with Positano without a second’s hesitation – our source of inspiration for Arienzo classic swim shorts. 

Precipitously Picturesque

Blessed with nature and the ancient Romans both, Positano is the first town one would encounter on the Amalfi Coast – a little more than an hour’s drive from Naples. Its primary claim to fame is the fact that it’s a vertical town, as in, instead of roads and alleys, you get flights of stairs, steep ones, to traverse the town.


Back to the point where we said the town was blessed by ancient Romans. We’re sure that bit stuck with you even as you kept on reading as we went off on a tangent above. The Romans of yore had a penchant for building sumptuous villas, and they really let go in this region with the construction. The ruins can be seen to this day around the Church dell'Assunta. But we digress.

The point of this post isn’t to educate you on its history, but to help you ensure that you make the most of your visit to this place, assuming you do decide to visit – and it would be a crime not to. Let’s skip the rise and fall of the town as an economic hub back in the 18th century and jump straight to the part where an elite group of artists, celebrities, and intellectuals chose it as their holiday destination of choice at the turn of the 20th century. Positano has retained its status as such, a veritable magnet for high-end travelers who will spare no expense when it comes to getting their own specific cocktail of comfort, natural beauty, serenity, adventure, and history, all of it colored with true Mediterranean inspiration.

On to the essentials. We have already talked about the fact that the town is vertical in nature, with the vintage houses and wisteria-draped hotels all tumbling down into the crystalline sea below. That leads us to the walk - of love and romance - from one magnificent beach to the next. Drink in the wonder up above and all around you as you walk hand in hand with someone special from Spiagga Grande (literally translated as the "large" beach) all the way to the sun-soaked and extremely fashionable beach of Fornillo. Do not miss that!

Next up you have arguably one of the world's most exclusive night clubs. We added arguably just to be on the safe side, but we have yet to meet anyone who would go up against that claim. After a walk amidst the artistically crumbling stucco and bleached paintwork that lead to the beach, you will find, engraved on a mountain’s side, the Music on the Rocks. You can't NOT stop by here for a memorable night on the club terrace, with a view over Positano’s sea, where to enjoy the refreshing summer breeze while listening to great music.

Don’t let us keep you - the town that begs to be photographed from every angle and several times every minute you spend here, awaits.

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