Amalfi, between history and allure

A maritime superpower at its prime, the pretty little, sun-kissed town of Amalfi has a tragic history. Much of the town simply slid right into the sea back in 1343, an earthquake devastating the region utterly. While it does have a very rich history, housing nearly 70,000 people centuries ago, there’s not much left to see in terms of historical landmarks after the tragedy. One thing is for certain though – the coastal town is nothing if not resilient.

Petite and Pretty


Having evolved into one of the hottest resort towns in the continent, Amalfi has clearly ditched its onetime maritime supremacy in favor of glitz and glory – definitely fortunate for us! The piazzas and the beach have their own quaint appeal, more so for the glitzerati since your fun and extent of luxury needn’t be curtailed by lack of funds. The town’s maritime history hasn’t been lost in its entirety either. The Arsenal of the Maritime Republic is testament to that, constituting of two grand stone halls and plenty of pointed arches. Back in the day, the structure consisted of 22 piers, housing some of the largest ships in the world. Today, you can see the sculptural and architectural remains here – quite a sight in their own right.

The allure of the town is in the lifestyle it offers, tailor-made for the wealthy and the famous. The Amalfi Musical is one venue very close to our heart here. The performances and songs are mesmerizing and hold viewers in thrall till the very end, transporting one to fantastical lands that only the human imagination can conjure. Spoken in Italian to stay true to its roots, and rightly so, the musical adventure takes one through a captivating journey though the history of the Coast, sung as a romantic story of yore.

Then we have the wine and dine experience. No visit to the region could be complete without culinary delights and wine that is an explosion of flavor. That’s where the food and wine tours come in. This is the key aspect of the lifestyle here, exceeded only by the cathedral, arguably of course. To each their own.

The heart of the town, the Cathedral is a prime example of medieval architecture at its height. The structure is quite literally at the heart of Amalfi, sitting smack dab in the center if one were to view a panorama of the town. Don’t we all love art? Blending Byzantine architectural styles with northern ones, the Amalfi Cathedral is a stunning representation of the artistic movement going strong during the times of the Normans. The relics of the 4th crusade can be viewed here to this day.

Tip: We know for a fact that you will want to spend a lot of time in the Cathedral – it’s just that good, being well preserved and well exhibited – so be sure to wear comfortable shoes if you visit. You do not want to leave the experience incomplete just because your feet hurt!

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