Where does Chiaja manufacture its swim shorts?

Chiaja produces all its swim trunks and sources its materials in Italy.

Are the shorts true to size?

Our sizes come in a slightly slimmer fit. For more information on size comparison refer to our size chart.

Does Chiaja offer plus-sizes?

At the moment Chiaja does not offer plus-sizes, but if you need a more customized fit, please contact us at contact@chiaja.com and we will try to fulfill your needs.

Is there a toll free number where I can contact you?

We do not have a free toll number as of now. However please send us an email indicating your number and a time you would like to be called, and we will get in touch with you.

I live outside the EU, have ordered and been asked to pay handling and custom fees; why?

Any goods exported outside the EU will be subject to custom fees and a handling charge from the courier. These fees are outside of our control and thus are not included in the delivery cost and are responsibility of the customer.

I am a US/UK based customer, why my checkout currency is in euros (€)?

Our checkout page currency is in euros due to the fact that certain payment gateways we use restrict which currencies they process. An example of this is PayPal. However, the amount processed corresponds to the most recent exchange rate for your currency. Moreover, the amount processed can be shown in USD or GBP before checkout, by using the currency switcher at the bottom right of our website.

Where are orders dispatched from?

All our orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Italy.

Does Chiaja offer free returns?

Yes, Chiaja offers worldwide free returns. Our first concern is your satisfaction. In order to return products please refer to the return policy.

Which payment methods does Chiaja accept?

We accept PayPal and AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club and JCB cards.

Is it possible to ship products faster?

We suggest you to use the free express solution we offer you. However, if you need a faster shipping, please contact us at contact@chiaja.com and we will fulfill your request for the payment of a supplement.

Is it possible to give Chiaja swim shorts as a gift?

Chiaja swim shorts make a wonderful gift. In order to help you with your choice, we have a dedicated section on gifting that you can consult here. In case you have specific requests, please contact us at contact@chiaja.com.

Are all your shorts suitable for sea/pool swimming?

Chiaja swim shorts are suitable and tested for both salty sea water and chlorine pool. Our swim shorts shape and prints are also perfect when out of water, while socializing at a pool party or sipping cocktails on a yacht.

Does Chiaja offer free shipping above a certain threshold?

We always offer free shipping.